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Gegard Mousasi Out, Bob Sapp In To Fight Rameau Sokoudjou At DREAM 11 ‘Super Hulk’ Tournament

Bob Sapp

The DREAM 11 “Super Hulk” tournament semifinals are scheduled to take place on October 6th, which also includes the featherweight Grand Prix finals.  As part of the “Super Hulk” semifinals, Mousasi was originally booked to take on Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou.  However, sources indicated that Mousasi injured his shoulder during a grappling exhibition with Fedor Emelianenko back in late August at the M-1 ‘Breakthrough’ event.  Due to Mousasi’s injury, Bob Sapp was called in as a late replacement to face Sokoudjou.

If Sapp wins, he’ll enter the Finals to face the winner of Ikuhisa Minowa vs. Hong Man Choi on the New Year’s Eve ‘Dynamite!’ show.

From Bob Sapp:

“I’m getting on being ready to be 35…I have no UFC dreams nor desires. I just keep on working… get paid and get on working. I definitely know it’s crazy fighting MMA and then kickboxing in another country right afterwards. I’m very well aware of that, but we’ve got to make hay while the horse is hungry, right?…I’ve been in the (training) mode already…(McKee) really pushes me forward on conditioning. That’s who I really need to get me to do something like this…Sokoudjou’s a great fighter. Without question, he’s ready to go. He’s kind of on his winning (ways), while I’m on the opposite end, on a losing streak. So I definitely would like to push forward and rebound back…If Sokoudjou wins… I’ll probably be fighting a celebrity (at Dynamite).”

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