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Freddie Roach Says UFC Signs Older Boxers Like James Toney To Make MMA Look Better

American boxing trainer and former professional boxer Freddie Roach is pretty upset with the way the UFC obtained James Toney.


Roach believes that UFC President Dana White hires “older boxers” like James Toney to prove that mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters are better than professional boxers.  Although we all know that MMA and boxing are two completely different combat sports, this may very well be a secret tactic to bring in more fans to the sport of MMA.

From Freddi Roach:

“I think it’s a bad decision. I don’t think it will work. I think the UFC is just trying to say they’re better than boxing because if James fought Couture in a boxing match James would absolutely destroy him, but if he fights him in a UFC/MMA style fight James does not have a ground game, once he goes to the ground it’s over. It’s completely two different sports and they’re just trying to use older boxers to make their sport look better.”

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