Frank Shamrock: “The UFC is promoting the UFC and NOT promoting the talent”

Frank Shamrock talks about Randy Couture’s retirement and how he knew something like this was bound to happen.  The current middleweight champion of Strikeforce explains how Randy’s situation is basically a wake-up call for Dana White and the UFC.  He feels that the UFC is worrying more about the fighters outside the organization, instead of taking care of the talent that made the UFC who they are today.

Here’s an excerpt of an interview with Shamrock:

PDG:  The big news today is that Randy Couture  has left the UFC because of the way that he felt he was
treated, that he was underpaid and the fact that the UFC didn’t sign Fedor Emelianenko.  Any thoughts?

Frank:  I saw it coming.  Yesterday I was talking
with a guy that said Randy was going to continue to dominate in the UFC and I told him that Randy was going to walk away the first chance that he
got.  At the end of the day the UFC is promoting the UFC and not promoting the talent.  Their job is to build their brand and its
good business for them but bad business for the sport.  I am sure that is
how Randy saw it and he wanted a chance to solidify his legacy with a fight
against Fedor.  The UFC decided to argue over peanuts; if you
want the best than you pay for the best and you don’t worry about the rest.

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