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Frank Mir Warning Message: “If I Get Someone’s Neck In The Heavyweight Division, It’s Over With”

Mir chokes Kongo

The former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir was victorious at UFC 107 as he pulled off a guillotine choke submission on Cheick Kongo in a matter of just 72 seconds.  Mir breaks down his game plan coming into his fight against Kongo and cautions top heavyweights in the division to watch out with some of  his choke submissions.

From Frank Mir:

“I knew I had the capability of beating (Cheick Kongo) based on what I could do in sparring. It’s just something I had to make sure crossed over. It’s something we’ve been saying the whole training camp. We call it “The Pacquiao,” because (Manny) will step off as a southpaw and throw the overhand left. As soon as I hit him I went to catch him with the uppercut and I didn’t see him, he was on the ground. I charged him a little too aggressively, I should have passed and established the under hook. Instead he was able to rotate and get back to his knees for a takedown which could have been a major mistake on other opponents like Cain (Velasquez) or Shane Carwin. But instead he gave me his neck and I train with Robert Drysdale on a daily basis. If I get someone’s neck in the heavyweight division, it’s over with.”



  1. andykattt

    December 22, 2009 at 10:06 am

    Mir is the man. Hes got the training and mentality of a flyweight yet the frame of heavyweight. I think he has all the necessary skills and tools to beat Carwin and Cain. The only way I see him losing any of those two fights is by a lucky one punch KO early in the fight, if that doesnt happen, I see him submitting Carwin and KO’ing Cain.

    Get well Lesner.

  2. Frank Dux

    December 22, 2009 at 10:24 am

    Carwin is a bad ass and Mir will have trouble beating him, but I think Mir will be too quick. Mir wins with a submission, but against Velasquez….it’s a different story. Velasquez has too much heart, gotta go with the Mexican on that one!

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