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Frank Mir Hungry To Fight Brock Lesnar But Not Overlooking Shane Carwin At UFC 111

Frank Mir explains how he is not looking past the hard-hitting Shane Carwin in their upcoming fight at UFC 111.  Just like UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar had the capability of muscling down Mir, Carwin will also present himself as a similar threat on Saturday night.  However, if Mir is successful with his training, he will have found the solution to beat Lesnar next.

Will Mir be able to get past the unbeaten Carwin and get his rematch against Lesnar?  Or will Carwin run through Mir for his first chance at Lesnar?

From Frank Mir:

“It’s a legitimate concern [focusing too much on Lesnar while overlooking Carwin]. But I’m not so much obsessed with Lesnar as a person, as I am with the techniques and positioning he used to beat me. And it’s an obsession that will do me well with this fight. If I don’t improve upon those aspects of the game, Carwin is also a very strong and powerful guy who’s a great wrestler, and he can do the same things to me that Brock did.”

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