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Frank Mir Getting Help From Demian Maia To Help Destroy Brock Lesnar At UFC 100

The current UFC interim heavyweight champion Frank Mir believes that his fight game has improved “drastically to different levels” according to a recent interview.  Mir was ready to take on Brock Lesnar for the unification title earlier this year, but was forced to postpone the fight in order to scope out his knee.  The new date for their bout is scheduled to take place on July 11 as part of the UFC 100 main event.

Although Mir submitted Lesnar via a kneebar at UFC 81, the possibilities of a second submission could be pretty high with recent assistance by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master Demian Maia.  Mir has assigned Maia as his head Jiu-Jitsu coach in a goal to place Lesnar in a similar, yet more dangerous position.  Mir is well known for his ground game in previous octagon wins, but some Maia coaching will only help him improve his grappling skills a bit further.

Snip from Frank Mir himself:

“I’m going to soon be the the destroyer of Brock Lesnar’s legacy and career…. Obviously, I’m slightly scared — just look at Brock … he is a scary guy. When he was beating me down I went to tap. Oh, well, that’s right. Brock asked the referee to come over and save him! At [UFC 81] I wasn’t really working with a jiu-jitsu coach. I was my own coach. I now have Demian Maia who is my head jiu-jitsu coach. My game has gone drastically to different levels. I thought I was actually good at it until I started rolling with him.”

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