Frank Mir And Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: New Coaches For The Ultimate Fighter 8 Season

The UFC made a special announcement on Spike television regarding The Ultimate Fighter 8 season (TUF 8).  Frank Mir and current Interim heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira have been selected to play as coaches for the new TUF 8 tv show.  Like always, the coaches will each have a team they must train throughout the entire season.   Toward the end, the coaches battle it out against each other and this time it will be for UFC’s heavyweight title.

For the very first time in TUF history, the show will feature both heavyweight as well as welterweight categories.  All members casted for the TUF 8 season will begin to play their roles some time this summer and the main heavyweight title fight will most likely be aiming somewhere in December.

The Ultimate Fighter 7 is currently airing Team Rampage Jackson vs. Team Forrest Griffin.  Both coaches can be seen on Spike TV on Wednesday nights training each of their fighters.  They will also be training for their own fight as Rampage Jackson will be facing Forrest Griffin for the light heavyweight title once the season is over. 

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