Evan Tanner’s Final Blog Entries; Memorial To Take Place In Amarillo, Texas

There were a few blog entries that were released by Spike TV, just before Evan Tanner went off into that deadly desert.  The former UFC middleweight champ had some pics of Harley Davidson’s 105th anniversary.  Check it out…

"It’s Tuesday night. Tomorrow I go out into the desert. It has taken
over a month to get all the gear together. The preparation for this
adventure took far longer than I had expected. I’ve never done this
before, so I took my time reading books, studying the land, and
researching gear. A few weeks of solitude in the deep desert, and then
back to civilization, and back to training…

Click here for more on his last blog entries and some pics of the Harley Davidson anniversary

The UFC has announced that a memorial for Evan Tanner will be held this Saturday (September 27th) at 2pm at the Amarillo Civic Center, in Texas.  For those wishing to attend, the Civic Center is located at 401 South Buchanan Street.

I still can’t believe Tanner is gone, the champ shall always be remembered by UFC fans all over the world.  Rest in peace buddy…

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