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Efrain Escudero Did Not Break Arm At UFC Fight Night 20, Wants Rematch Against Evan Dunham

During the UFC Fight Night 20 co-main event,  TUF season 8 winner Efrain Escudero battled it out against undefeated MMA fighter Evan Dunham.  Although Escudero showed an impressive dominating first round performance, Dunham was able to quickly recover and stay strong throughout the rest of the fight.  It wasn’t until late in the third round that Dunham pulled out a devastating armbar that nearly broke Escudero’s arm, but the Mexican-American fighter didn’t tap out until the very last moment.  He was immediately taken to the hospital where X-rays revealed minor tendon tear, but there was absolutely no damage in any of his bones.  In Escudero’s latest twitter messages, he informs us on his X-ray results that revealed no broken bones and his eagerness to quickly recover and come back stronger than ever.  He also tells us how hungry he is for a rematch against Dunham.  We can’t wait to see these guys go at it again.

From Efrain Escudero:

“Hey guys out the hospital nothing broke lil mess up tendons. I will be back soon now in hungry!! And expect and Evan vs Efrain 2!!! I’m not puttin my head down at all i’m gonna come back stronger quote my words!!!!!!!!!”

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