Din Thomas wants a Rematch with Kenny Florian

Din Thomas fought Kenny Florian in last week’s Ultimate Fight Night 11.  Florian was able to capitalize as soon as Thomas went for a takedown in the latter part of the 1st round.  Many thought that Thomas had given up when Florian kept pounding on him from behind.  Florian kept hammering down punches while Thomas just kept on holding onto his knee with his left hand.  If you watch the video again, you can see that Thomas is in a lot of pain, but for some reason he just doesn’t tap out.  Florian then quickly submitted  him via a rear naked choke to secure his 3rd straight win.

After the fight, there were a few MRI’s taken on Thomas’ leg that indicate far more than what many of us expected.  His doctors interpreted the results as an extended ACL and a torn meniscus.  There will be a few exams that Thomas must go through before he is cleared, so he won’t be back training for at least one month.  His trainers expect him to be back real soon, but his main objective is to acquire a rematch with Florian as soon as possible.  He feels that he worked tremendously hard to get to where he stands and losing due to an injury just isn’t right.  He will be looking to see if a rematch is possible as soon as he heals completely.

Will Dana White want to give Thomas a rematch even after learning that Thomas injured his knee during the fight?  A rematch between both of these exciting lightweights would be a fight most UFC fans would look forward to watching.

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