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Diego Sanchez On Cutting Weight For His UFC 107 Fight Against BJ Penn

Diego Sanchez

Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez talks about his current weight as he prepares for his upcoming title fight against BJ “The Prodigy” Penn at UFC 107.  Sanchez mentions how he cuts weight before entering a fight, describing what he did and how he physically felt when dropping down to 155 pounds for his last fight against Clay Guida at the UFC ‘The Ultimate Fighter 9’ finale.

From Diego Sanchez:

“I’m feeling good at 185 and I’m not chubby either so looks like i will drop ten lbs this months and 5 in octeber then finish the water eight in the sauna……. i love cutting weight and getting in that sauna…. its a mental challange i almost seen god in the sauna before the guida fight i was 172 4 days before the fight and cut the weight between the 4 days, but those last 2 pounds I was in the sauna holding saulos hand praying for god to take the weight off and when we were done praying. i checked my weight and it was .4 over i was like yes yes yes thank you Jesus…..Every fight is different and the camps change, everything is always changing and here i am evolving with the change!”

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