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Diego Sanchez Believes It’s His Time To Beat BJ Penn At UFC 107

Diego Sanchez

The no. 1 UFC lightweight title contender Diego ‘Nightmare’ Sanchez is currently preparing himself both physically and mentally for his upcoming UFC 107 bout against current champion, BJ Penn.  Sanchez truly feels that he can beat anyone that steps in the cage with him no matter who it is.  He also believes that he is destined to beat Penn and crown himself as the new UFC lightweight champion.

From Diego Sanchez:

“If you want to beat the best, you have to fight the best. I suppose I’ve wanted to fight him since back when he beat Matt Hughes for the [welterweight] title. I always wanted to train with B.J., but it never happened. I suppose it was for a reason. It’s a good thing we never got together and trained. Now, we’re going to go to war. It’s going to be like chess…. I’m rigged differently. In my mind, I’m going to beat whoever I’m in the cage with. You’ve got to believe in yourself. I believe it’s my time. Everything in my career built up to this moment. Everything feels right.”

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