Denis Kang Joins UFC Middleweight Division, Signs 4-Fight Deal- “Ready As Early As January”

American Top Team fighter, Denis Kang, has recently signed a 4-fight deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  The Korean-French mixed martial artist is considered one of the top 10 middleweight fighters of the world, fighting most of his career in Japan and Korea.  The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt has fought in popular organizations including DREAM, Spirit MC, K-1, Pancrase and PrideFC.

The 31-10-1 UFC newcomer holds notable wins over Murilo "Ninja" Rua, Akihiro Gono, Marvin "The Beastman Eastman" Eastman and several others.  Kang feel that the best thing about signing with the UFC is that he’ll be travelling a lot less than what he was accustomed to.  His transition to the American organization will allow him to train and participate in events a lot closer to home.  Kang is eager to enter the octagon as he wants to gain high popularity for those UFC fans who haven’t see him fight before.  There is no information as far as who his first opponent will be , but his debut fight may possibly be aimed for January of 2009.

Here’s a snip from Denis Kang himself:

"The negotiation went well and for me being a free agent and all, I mean I just think the timing was right…UFC is at its peak, there’s no other organizations that are close in my opinion, so I think it was only fitting that I make my move…there’s a lot of pretenders to the throne, but none of them can really secure a strong foothold and get that position that the UFC’s in right now…I’m finally going to be able to have all my friends and family watch me fight live, that’s a huge thing right there…of course I’m confident, and I feel I’ve got what it takes to be the best, but I think that I also have to prove it in the Octagon…I’m seriously taking one fight at a time right now…I can fight as early as January…whether the UFC makes the decision to put me on that card is entirely up to them, but I can be ready as early as January." 

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