Dana White releases Renato “Babalu” Sobral


The Nevada State Athletic Commission has yet to resolve the incident that occurred this past Saturday at UFC 74-Respect (results and pics).  However, Dana White decided to release him from his UFC contract after a disgusting finish where he held his anaconda choke on David Heath for too long even after the referee, Steve Mazzagatti, told him to let go.

It seems like Dana White was extremely furious with Babalu’s actions and what he had to say after the fight as Babalu stated that “he deserved it”.

Yes, we do know that sometimes our anger is expressed when fighting, but this is supposed to be a sport where we respect each fighter no matter what someone says as it is all part of the entertainment.  This isn’t a street brawl, its a professional sport–it’s MMA.

We still haven’t received word from the NSAC as of yet, so that is something else Babalu has to wait for aside from the fact that he will not fight within the octagon again.

Was it too harsh for Dana White to do this?  Let us know what you think…

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