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Dana White Ready For MMA Debut In Australia At UFC 110 On February 21


In a recent interview, UFC President Dana White talks about the upcoming UFC 110 show that is headed to Australia for the very first time in UFC history.  He also mentions the fact that mixed martial arts (MMA) is exploding worldwide and well-rounded Australian fighters have the possibility of earning millions of dollars “the most viable sports franchise on the planet.”

UFC 110 is scheduled for February 21st in Sydney, Australia and will feature a heavyweight main event battle between MMA legend Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and undefeated rising star Cain Velasquez.

From Dana White:

“The reality is you can make millions of dollars doing this, millions of dollars. How many sports in Australia can you say people are playing, where if you’re good enough, you can earn millions and millions of dollars? This is the most viable sports franchise on the planet. I’ll give you an example, Lyoto Machida is the [UFC light-heavyweight] champion, he is 16-0. In boxing, if you’re 16-0 you’re still fighting bums. At 16-0, Machida is the champion and earning a shitload of money. You’re going to see a lot of Australians coming out and fighting.[But] we don’t do the freak show thing, man, I wouldn’t put a boxer in there, he would be defenseless.”

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