Dana White: “Randy wants to be in the movie world now”

Randy Couture recently retired from the UFC and has been working on a movie in Capetown, South Africa.  Although it wasn’t what Dana White wanted, Dana still respects Randy as a friend and as a UFC legend.  However, Dana feels that Randy was convinced to move toward a different direction, a direction that is leading him away from the MMA sport and into the world of Hollywood.

Here’s a snip from Dana White:

“I consider Randy Couture a friend and still do.  He hooked up with some
Hollywood agent that I bitch slapped about a month ago…and these
Hollywood agents are parasites, so unfortunately this guy is probably
in Randy’s ear right now.  But that’s the world Randy wants to be in;
Randy wants to be in the movie world now, that’s what he’s working for
and that’s his guy right now.”

In an exclusive recent interview with Randy, he discusses the reasons
as to why he really decided to retire from the UFC organization.   He
mentions several issues that not only Randy is irritated about, but
many of the UFC fighters have felt the same way for the past few

Here’s a snip from Randy:

“I don’t feel I’ve been respected and treated the way
I should be under the circumstances.”  When asked how he hadn’t been
respected, he goes on to say “there’s a lot of ways to show respect,
certainly the first way you show athletes their respect is by
compensating them appropriately and there’s a lot of athletes that
haven’t achieved what I’ve managed to achieved over the years…it’s
not all about money, but at some point when they’re going outside of
the organization and paying a lot of other guys a lot more than what
you’re seeing and you’re standing there holding the title, it’s kind of

In addition to not being respected financially as Randy Couture would like, he also goes on to mention another reason for his retirement: 

“Most people consider Emelianenko Fedor
the #1 guy in the heavyweight division and I’m not getting any younger,
thats for sure.  That’s the guy I want to fight and I want to show what
I’ve got and still have at this age…unless that can happen, it
doesn’t make sense to keep going”

Was Randy Couture manipulated by the people of Hollywood or does Randy have valid reasons for retiring?
Let us know how you feel…

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