Dana White Promises an Event in New York City or Boston in 2008

The UFC organization has been trying to persuade several athletic commissions in different states to allow mixed martial arts events.  MMA has been rapidly growing worldwide and it will only be a matter of time that this sport will be approved in big cities such as Boston and New York city.

Dana White recently hired a former NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission) executive director, Marc Ratner, in a goal to help acquire the big U.S. cities.  White strongly feels that Ratner is the best man for the job.  He also seems very convinced that their time will come in 2008 when he stated, “I’m going to be as bold as to say I guarantee you either
we’ll be in the
Boston Garden or Madison Square Garden…Massachusetts is ready, it’s ready for this."

 We’ll just have to be patient and see if MMA can spread that far.
The UFC has been doing extremely well and I wouldn’t be surprised if
White does what he preaches.

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