Dana White Insults Fedor Emelianenko and Hong Man Choi

Dana White is a businessman and he definitely knows what he’s doing.  I mean the UFC has grown tremendously in the last couple of years and its reputation is growing more and more every single day. 

However, Dana likes to speak his mind and can sometimes go a little too far with what he says.  It’s good to defend your company, but you never know if one day he’ll ink a deal with one of these fighters. 

I’m pretty sure he’s still mad that he wasn’t able to get Fedor Emelianenko and since he can’t get him, he’d rather insult the #1 heavyweight in the world.

Here’s a snip from Dana White (refers to the Yarennoka event):

"Randy Couture, right now is the best fighter in the world.
Fedor is a farce. He [just fought] "Long Duck Dong"…we’ll just call
him that. It’s a joke. This guy hasn’t beat anybody since 2005 and you know who
was the last guy he beat in 2005? Mirko Cro Cop who just lost to two guy’s that
are nobody’s…you know."



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