Dana White feels that Randy Couture ‘Has Nothing Left to Prove’

Randy Couture felt that he would match up with the bigger guys when he came back from his first retirement.  After fighting most of his career at the light heavyweight level, he decided to give it one last try as he aimed toward the heavyweight class.  They say the older you get, the wiser you become and Randy did prove to be a wise UFC fighter when he became the first to obtain both of these titles in the UFC.

The experience Randy possesses helped him get to where he represents today, a true champion and now an unforgettable legend.  There are tons of fighters out there who will be remembered as long as this sport exists, but nobody will ever be able replace a man like him.

Randy doesn’t really need to prove anything and he has taught all of the viewers, fighters and soon-to-be-fighters what mixed martial arts is all about.  Dana White respects Randy tremendously and he also feels that he has nothing to prove.

“I’m not surprised at all by Randy’s decision. I talked to Randy
several weeks ago and he said that if he couldn’t fight Fedor, then he
has nothing left to prove in the sport of mixed martial arts.  He
has been doing a lot of acting, and I know he is in South Africa right
now filming a movie. I think it’s a great move for Randy’s acting
career to retire from fighting while he is on top.  As we all
know, Randy retired before. The landscape in MMA changes every day. So
when he is ready to come out of retirement again, he is still under
contract with me, and I’m ready to promote him.”

All he wanted to do next was fight the man who is considered the #1 heavyweight in the world today, Fedor Emelianenko.  Fedor recently signed with M-1 and that just basically shattered his next goal.  Randy wasn’t here to fight for the money, he just wanted to fight the best.

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