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Dana White Fed Up With People Calling Him Don King and Thinking That UFC Fights Are Fixed

Dana White- upset

“When you watch a fight like [Ortiz vs. Griffin 2] and you hear a 30-27 score, I don’t even know, I’m so exhausted by this whole thing. It’s tiring. It’s terrible. These athletic commissions need to start looking at this and figure out what they’re going to do. It has nothing to do with me. You should see the emails I get, ‘You scumbag, you’re just like Don King.’ That’s what people think. People think that we pick who’s going to win or lose and tell the commission to do it. Talk to (Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission) Keith Kizer. He’s the guy you want to ask questions to. Call Keith Kizer and ask him, what can we do to fix the judging and scoring?”

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