Dan Henderson Rejects UFC Contract Extension

Dan Henderson has one fight remaining under his PrideFC contract after losing to Quinton Jackson  at UFC 75-Champion vs. Champion for the unification belt.  Dan has recently rejected a contract extension that Dana White had offered him in order to continue fighting under Zuffa Inc..  He admits that he wants to stay with the UFC, but he’s just waiting for the right offer.  It looks like
Randy Couture wasn’t the only one complaining about his compensation because Dan seems to feel just the same way.

Here’s a snip from Dan Henderson:

“It seems like guys could be happier…Part of the problem is that they had a couple, three bad shows and got
killed in Ireland (at UFC 72) on the money. And, possibly the fact that
they spent a boatload of money buying Pride and didn’t do anything with
it; they are trying to make some cutbacks, and the fighters aren’t
overly happy about that.”  He then went on to tell us what Dana White told him about the rest of the fighters and his response was “He was telling me that, ‘We haven’t had guys leaving. We take care of
the guys, that’s why they’re happy. We don’t want guys that are unhappy…I haven’t seen that.”

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