Dan Henderson on Anderson Silva: “I’m Hoping For a 25-Second Knockout”

Dan "Hollywood" Henderson was recently asked a few questions regarding his upcoming fight with Anderson "The Spider" Silva at UFC 82-Pride of a Champion.  Henderson seems pretty confident with his game plan and he feels that Silva hasn’t fought anyone as good as him ever since he inked a deal with the UFC. 

Silva is currently 5-0 in the octagon and Henderson wants to claim victory with the use of his Greco-Roman wrestling skills.  Nobody has really tested UFC’s middleweight champion on the ground and Henderson states "wrestling-wise I feel I can put him on the ground whenever I want."  We must also remember that Hollywood is a great stand-up fighter as well and that he has never been knocked out throughout his entire MMA career.

Here’s what Dan Henderson had to say about Anderson Silva:

"I’m going in there hoping to knock him out. I’m not going to out-slick
him on his feet, but I’m definitely going to land the harder shots…I’m not nervous about his ground game at all. Wrestling-wise I feel I
can put him on the ground whenever I want. Sometimes you can’t finish
them quite as easy on the ground, so I’m definitely going to stand on
my feet with him and striking … it will be a good mixture of mixed
martial arts. It’s not going to be just on the feet. It’s not going to
be just on the ground or in the clinch. It’s going to go all over. I’m
ready for a 25-minute fight against him. I’m hoping for a 25-second
knockout…I’m the same fighter. My skills don’t get better when I cut weight. I
enjoyed fighting at 205, just as much as 185. I think for me it doesn’t
make too big a difference. I don’t feel I’m weak at 205. In my mind, it
doesn’t matter to me. It’s just the opponent that I’m fighting is a big
challenge and that’s what I go for."

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