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Dan Hardy Taking UFC 120 Fight Against Carlos Condit Very Personal: “I Am Going To Put A Real Beating On This Guy”

UFC welterweight fighter Dan ‘The Outlaw’ Hardy has officially taken his upcoming UFC 120 fight against Carlos Condit very personally.  Not only does he plan on giving Condit a beating, but he also plans on shutting his Greg Jackson’s “boring” gameplan down.  The former Cage Warriors welterweight and light-welterweight champion respects Condit’s heart, but he truly believes it won’t be enough to beat him.

From Dan Hardy via This is Nottingham:

“Condit says it was ‘nothing personal’ when he went to the UFC and demanded a fight with me. It was, he said, purely business. No, Carlos. Calling me out, asking to fight me by name, does make it very personal. To go the UFC and say you want to fight someone in particular is to say: ‘I can beat this guy, no problem, and further my career.’ How can you not expect that to be taken personally? But this is very personal to me now. I am going to put a real beating on this guy. When he gets his flight back to the US, he will have trouble clearing customs because he will look nothing like his passport photo. Carlos is training with Greg Jackson, who no doubt is going to try and put another ‘safety first’ game plan together. He encourages his guys to take the low-risk route, which usually turns out to be quite strategic and a little boring. That will mess up Condit’s natural instincts. I just don’t think that a Greg Jackson game plan is suitable for Condit’s style of fighting or his mentality as a fighter. Condit is called ‘the Natural Born Killer’ with reason and as soon as I drop him a couple of times, he will revert to his instincts and try to fight fire with fire. Carlos has got a lot of heart, no doubt about that. He will give everything he’s got. But all of what he’s got isn’t just enough.”

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