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Cung Le Ready For Frank Shamrock: “I Can’t Wait To Crack Frank Upside His Head With My Shin”

Cung Le is pretty much ready to take on one of the most
dangerous mixed martial artists in the world–Frank Shamrock.  Shamrock seemed pretty confident when he stated that he would beat Le and then
"win San Jose back."  However, Le looks at this fight in a different
perspective.  Though there is much respect for Frank and his fighting
skills, the San Shou specialist "can’t wait to crack
Frank upside his head."

A lot of trash talking amongst
the two warriors as they both prepare for one of the most difficult bouts of their
career.  Let us not forget that the winner of this match will be taking
home the Strikeforce middleweight title.

Here’s a snip from Cung Le:

“This is my biggest fight ever in my whole career, whether it’s an amateur
fight to a professional fight. This is the biggest…Frank is well rounded on the
ground and he can catch a lot different submissions, and it’s just (a matter)
of being aware of different submissions in the transition…I think where Frank
is very dangerous is in the transition in the scramble, and if I eliminate that
then I eliminate a big part of Frank’s game…I can’t wait to crack Frank upside
his head with my shin…My job is to look sharp picking Frank apart. I defiantly
see a lot of holes in his game and I’m looking at exploiting them"

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