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Cris Cyborg Ready To Go Five Rounds Against Marloes Coenen At Strikeforce ‘Miami’

The Strikeforce women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg feels relatively comfortable putting her belt on the line against Marloes Coenen this Saturday night at the Strikeforce ‘Miami’ co-main event.  She tells that she has been training in San Diego with several MMA experts including Wanderlei Silva’s conditioning coach Rafael Alejarra.  Cyborg looks to be mentally focused and physically prepared to go five rounds against Coenen come January 30th.

From Cris Cyborg:

“I’ve seen some of Coenen’s fights and she likes to stand up. She wins some of her fights by submission. I’m just going to go over to her and exchange with her, get a feeling for what she’s doing and go for my knockout. I’m always prepared to go in. I’m always hoping that I’m going to get a really good fight and a really good exchange. I’m always prepared for my five rounds, but for some reason, my fights keep ending in the first round…[In regards to her training] I prefer to train with men. I feel more comfortable. I’m afraid of hurting the women…I’m training at The Arena in San Diego with Rafael Alejarra for conditioning, Billy for muay Thai, and Javi Vazquez for jiu-jitsu. Javi comes down three times a week because he’s training with Rafael and Billy, too, for his March 6 fight (at WEC 47). I’d also like to add that I’m still a member of Chute Boxe and I want to thank them for their continued support…[She talks about the fighters she would like to train with] I would really like to train with B.J. Penn. I really admire his fighting skills and his ground skills. He’s someone I admire overall as a fighter. Maybe I’ll train with him someday. That would be fun. I’d also like to train with Fedor Emelianenko. I think that he rocks. He’s really strong and delivers the knockout. I love his little baby face. He kicks ass and makes it fun. I’d love to train with this baby-face.”

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