Corey Hill Undergoes Surgery Due To A Leg Fracture He Suffered Against Dale Hartt, Out 12 to 18 Months (UFN 16: ‘Fight for the Troops)

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Corey "The Real Deal" Hill lost to Dale Hartt due to a leg fracture Hill sustained in their bout at the UFN 16: "Fight for the Troops" event.  During the second round of the fight, Hartt checked a right leg kick from Hill.  The video and pictures we posted earlier this week, clearly showed Hill breaking his right leg (shin area) in two completely separate pieces.  Hill fell to the floor once he tried to step back on the broken leg.  The referee immediately jumped in to stop the fight and doctors rushed into the cage to assist the injured Hill.

The UFC has announced that Corey Hill is currently at the Cape Fear Valley center in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  It is at this hospital where surgeons are taking care of his right leg fracture.  Apparently the doctors at the facility told media that Hill will be out from MMA competition somewhere between 12-18 months.  We wish Hill the very best of luck on his road to recovery.

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