Clay Guida Talks Mac Danzig: “I’m Going To Rain On His Parade Wednesday Night” (UFN 15)

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Clay "The Carpenter" Guida seems to be really confident coming into his next bout against former PrideFC contender Mac Danzig.  Although Guida admits that Danzig is "very well-rounded" and has "pretty good stand-up," the Carpenter feels that his hunger and desire to win will help him acquire a victory tonight. 

Guida has been training hardcore for the past 5 months and he wants to show UFC fans that he isn’t all just a "scrappy wrestler with cardio."  Instead, he wants to prove that hes a very dangerous lightweight fighter on the ground or on his feet.

Here’s a snip from Clay Guida himself:

“I’m pumped to be on the co-main event live on Spike TV…I feel it’s the most important fight of my career at this time…obviously every fight is more important than the last; with an opponent like Mac, it’s a great opportunity to showcase my skills…There is no easy road in the UFC. Some people get thrown to the wolves; some people get their opponents hand picked. He’s got a lot of hype coming into this fight after a big win over Mark Bocek, but I’m going to rain on his parade Wednesday night…He’s very well rounded, he’s got pretty good stand-up. He’s very slick on the ground; he’s submitted a lot of his opponents with a rear naked choke…Has he been through the fire? I don’t think so. Have I? Many times. He’s a game opponent…I hope he’s been training with good guys. I know he’s been training with Tyson Griffin and Gray Maynard. I want him 100%, I like fighting guys who are at the top of their game. I perform better under pressure…I’m out here to show people that I’m not just a scrappy wrestler with cardio. I’m a well rounded mixed martial artist; I can strike, I can fight off of my back, I can do it all. I’ve changed the core of my training in the past six months and a lot of people are going to be really excited to see…Whatever happens in the cage happens. Exciting fights just happen. I fight on instinct and reaction. I want to make a title run. I’m here to get that belt, that’s why I’m in the UFC. I’m not just fighting to say that I’m ‘fighting in the UFC.’”

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