Chuteboxe Revenge: Wanderlei Silva wants to fight Forrest Griffin

Wanderlei Silva watched his chuteboxe teammate Mauricio Shogun on Saturday and you could tell how angry and disappointed he was through his facial expression.  Not only was Wanderlei stunned, but the rest of the sold out crowd in Anaheim felt the same as well.

How could the #1 Light Heavyweight champion of the world lose and in such a non-Shogun sort of way??  Wanderlei was pretty furious with not only Shogun’s outcome, but Chuck Liddell losing to Keith Jardine at UFC 76 just made his night even worse.

Forrest Griffin celebrated as he submitted one of the top guys in the industry via a rear naked choke.  As he was all cleaned up and ready to leave, a reporter wanted to interview him and hear more from the winner.  The reporter came up to him asking what he thought about fighting Wanderlei and thanks to, we were able to find out more information on this story:

“It kind of would, yeah,” said Griffin about a December date with Silva being too soon. “I’d love to fight him if I didn’t have a giant hole in my face right now. We were in the hotel lobby and I was doing an interview with someone and they’re like ‘Wanderlei just said he wants to fight you’ and I was like ‘Right now, really, right now? He wants to fight me? I know he’s a Chute Boxe guy, but right now?’ And they were like no, no, no … in December.”  “We’ll see medically,” Griffin stated about the December card. “[It’ll] take a couple of weeks to figure it out.”

December isn’t too far away, so we’ll have to see if Griffin will be ready by then.  It might be too soon for him, but if the demand for the fight is high and Dana White feels it’s a good matchup then I guess it’s on!

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