Chuck Liddell wants to give it another try!

According to Chuck Liddell ‘s 16-year old coach, John Hackleman, Chuck said he would see him again at the gym on Monday.

Chuck was definitely aggravated to add another loss to his record, making it 2 consecutive losses, one with Keith Jardine and the other one with Rampage Jackson.

He just isn’t happy with himself lately, but it seems like he wants to give it another try!

After the UFC 76 event was over, Hackleman went on to say:

“He’s already said he’ll be back in the gym next Monday…He’s going to fight again, hopefully as soon as possible, maybe in December. We’re looking at ‘Shogun.’…Chuck will face anyone they put in front of him…You’re dealing with a guy that just lost a fight, is totally depressed right after a humungous loss…Of course, he’s disappointed. We didn’t get into details about the
fight, especially after a loss, because that’s not the

time you want to
talk about it. We usually talk about it when we get back in the gym…I
think things went wrong with Keith Jardine. Keith Jardine came out and
fought  like a freakin’ killer…Chuck just couldn’t pull the trigger
in time and was just a hair off and Jardine’s timing was perfect.”

Let’s hope to see Chuck back and ready to rock and roll because the
Iceman just can’t give up this easily.  The former PrideFC Light
Heavyweight Mauricio Shogun,
is something Liddell and his coaching staff are most likely aiming
for.  Shogun also lost on Saturday’s UFC 76 card, the Brazilian who was
considered the #1 Light Heavyweight in the world prior to his fight
with Forrest Griffin
.  After his disappointing loss with Griffin, Shogun decided to go back
to the gym immediately, training harder than ever as he waits for his
next opponent.

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