Chuck Liddell Needs 2 Wins

Chuck Liddell was the former Light Heavyweight Champion of the UFC until he recently lost his title to a man who had beaten him before in Japan’s PrideFC, Quinton Jackson. Chuck is already back at the gym as he is preparing for a tough duel against Keith Jardine.  Keith was also recently beaten by Houston Alexander, who stunned UFC fans on the night of UFC 71 (you can watch the fight here-UFC 71-Videos).

After an interview with Dana White, he stated:

Chuck would have to win one more
fight. I think Chuck has to win two fights in a row and then, yeah, he’s back
in the mix again. He got knocked out in a minute 30 in the first round (in his
last fight). No matter how great he is, I’d like to see him win a couple of
fights and then come back and fight for the title again.

Our questions have finally been answered as some of us thought he would
have a chance to obtain a rematch for the title immediately after
his next fight if he were to win.  However, Dana feels that Chuck needs an extra fight to
get back in the mix and this seems like the smartest thing to do for Chuck’s
sake.  It will only make him stronger and more prepared for the next time


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