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Chuck Liddell Excited To Make UFC Return, Plans On Four More MMA Career Fights

Chuck Liddell was called in to take the coaching position for The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 show opposite coach Tito Ortiz which premiers on March 31, 2010.  Both coaches will battle each other at the end of the show, making it their third bout in UFC history.  Liddell tells media that he is excited to finally make his octagon return soon, stating that he simply needed some time to rest.  He strongly feels that he has around four more fights left in his MMA career.

From Chuck Liddell:

“I don’t think I have anything to prove, but I would like to prove [White] wrong…It is what it is. I’ll keep arguing, and [White] will keep arguing with me. It doesn’t matter. I’ve just got to show him I can perform. If I perform, he’ll keep letting me fight…At this point, I’d like another fight after (Ortiz)… Hopefully Dana’s happy with me if I get two wins, and I’d like a shot at a contender and then a shot at the the title. That’s four fights…That’s about as far forward as I’ve thought. But that’s what I’d like to do…I have to go out on my own, the way I want to go out. It has to be my decision. I’m not going to let fans or people that aren’t that close to me and don’t watch me train, don’t see what I can still do, make that decision for me.”

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