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Brian Ebersole Talks About Shaving His Chest Hair Into A TapouT Logo At UFC 140 (Picture)

From Brian Ebersole after defeating Claude Patrick via a split decision at UFC 140 in Toronto:

“They sponsored me for two fights. I won’t disclose the figure. Pretty sure it’s a standard figure for all the other guys. That was just something a little bit fun. It sticks with the humor of the whole shaving anyway. The arrow was basically meant for people that needed to knock me out to beat me because they weren’t going to outwrestle me. So with the tapout thing, I didn’t think he was going to be able to knock me out but he had that nine fights (won) by guillotine kind of thing going, so I think the cheekiness with the Tapout symbol (was), well, ‘come get your tapout.’ It was a bit of a laugh and obviously with the sponsorship, it made sense to do it.”


Here’s¬†Ebersole at UFC 127 when he shaved his chest hair in a form of an arrow:


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