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Brett Rogers Suffered No Damage Against Fedor, Prepared To Fight Anyone In Strikeforce

Brett Rogers training Reilly

Brett ‘The Grim’ Rogers is coming off his first MMA career loss to no. 1 heavyweight fighter Fedor Emelianenko.  Despite suffering a huge right-handed knockout from the Russian Sambo expert, his head trainer Mike Reilly tells us that Rogers is pretty much ready to step back in the cage and take on anyone in the Strikeforce heavyweight division.  Rogers took a week off after losing to Fedor, but has stepped back into training since then.

From Brett Rogers’ head trainer Mike Reilly:

“[Brett Rogers] took about a week off but that’s it. We are already making preparations for his next fight and have started his training program. Brett didn’t suffer any injuries during that fight so there is no reason not to get him right back in the cage training again. That was another frustrating thing about the fight in that Brett suffered no damage. I remember being in the locker room and telling him that I should hit him with something so it looks like he was actually in a fight. If we were able to round up 10,000 more people on short notice Brett would be able to have a rematch today. His puppy does more damage to him than he sustained in the fight … Whoever Strikeforce decides to give us whether it is Fabricio Werdum, (Antonio) Silva or (Alistair) Overeem we will take it.”

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