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Bobby Lashley Expects Late 2010 Return, Eager For Rematch Against Chad Griggs

Strikeforce heavyweight fighter Bobby Lashley is coming off of his first MMA defeat, losing to Chad ‘The Grave Digger’ Griggs this past August at the Strikeforce ‘Houston’ event.  Lashley blames his loss to mononucleosis, something he was suffering right before colliding with Griggs.  He is expected to make a quick return, possibly for November of 2010, and is hoping for an immediate rematch.

From Bobby Lashley:

“I’m fighting again [in 2010] for sure…in November at the latest … I already asked for a [Chad Griggs] rematch, because when you have certain events like I did that sort of hindered me from being able to open up and fight, I’ve got to go back. I’d hate for them to use that fight to boost somebody’s career, saying, ‘Okay, he beat Bobby,’ because that wasn’t really the case. If I didn’t have these problems, and I’d been able to go out there and fight, I think it would have been a pretty quick win for me. But I just didn’t have anything in me. When I went to the hospital afterward, they said I was really dehydrated. I went to hospital on Thursday before the fight because I wasn’t feeling very good. I was just sluggish and not feeling good, so I went to urgent care and got checked out. I thought I was going to be okay. We didn’t do any blood work, but they gave me an IV because they said I was a little dehydrated then and when I went in there and fought I didn’t have anything in me.”

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