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Bobby Lashley Disappointed For Being Removed From April 17 Strikeforce Event In Nashville

The unbeaten Bobby Lashley (5-0) was scheduled to fight on the upcoming April 17 event in Nashville.  However, since Strikeforce was unable to acquire an opponent for Lashely on time, he was removed from the fight card.

The former WWE/TNA professional wrestler has just five bouts under his belt and that’s the main reason why he is completely disappointed for being forced off of the card.  He goes on to explain how he wanted to participate in this upcoming event in order to build up his MMA record, but he’ll have to wait until another upcoming event which will either be in May or June this year.

From Bobby Lashley:

“If Strikeforce had some reason why they pulled me, I’m not going to get upset with them. I’m disappointed that I’m not fighting, yes, because I wanted to fight. If I fought April 17, then I’d be able to plan my next one and maybe pick up another fight in June or in late May. But that’s not the case…Possibly. It’s just the right opponent. There’s only a handful of guys that are serious top guys. and I think all those guys are wrapped up in a fight. Right now, they’re going around finding guys that are not actually signed with Strikeforce and get these guys in there so I have a fight. So when I do have an opportunity to fight [Fedor Emelianenko], [Andrei Arlovski] or [Antonio Silva], I’m ready…I’m playing the catch-up game. Some of these guys have 10, 20, 30 fights under their belts. I have a mere five fights. So, of course, any opportunity I have to take a fight, I want to jump on it. It’s not so much that I want to rush it. It’s the fans. I’m not saying all the fans; (it’s) the hardcore fans. They get on the forums and say, ‘Bobby should be fighting Fedor.’ But when Brock (Lesnar) got a title shot right away, they got pissed off about it. You can’t please the critics regardless of what you do. So I’m just trying to fast track it a little bit more…After I’m up there, and I start fighting those guys, the longevity’s going to be there. Because I’ll have a little less pressure because I’ve been there and done that.”

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