Bob Arum Says Kelly Pavlik’s Win is the Biggest Blow the UFC has Suffered

Kelly Pavlik faced Jermain Taylor this past Saturday in Atlantic City, in one of the biggest comebacks Pavlik has ever experienced within his boxing career.  In just the second round of the fight, he was shocked and then rocked with several heavy fists from Taylor.  Just when the crowd thought this fight was all over, Pavlik continued to fight like nothing and nobody could stop him.  It wasn’t until the seventh round when Pavlik stunned Taylor with a few hooks and then finished him off with two heavy uppercuts that put him to sleep.  This had to be one of the most thrilling boxing matches in a very long time.

Although it was a fascinating battle, it definitely wasn’t very professional for a promoter like Bob Arum and with his credibility to trash talk the UFC and the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) like he did.

However, here’s a snip of what Bob Arum had to say (props to

“The way he fights. People love to see his fights, the heart that he
shows. The whole package. He’s very articulate and he comes from an
area that has been depressed and it’s going to be elevated I think
because of him…I just think that he’s going to revive
boxing in the Midwest and it’s going to spread to the rest of the
country. I’ll tell you, this was the biggest blow to the UFC since the
sort of competition began because all the young kids are going to come
back to boxing. There is nothing in UFC or any of this martial arts
bullsh*t that compares to this.”

Again, I respect the sport of Boxing as it continues being one of the greatest sports of all time, but MMA is right up there as well.  MMA has proven to be the fastest growing sport in the world with higher pay per view sales than any other sport today.  This is proof that the popularity of this sport is huge and continues to grow after every single event.

The talent that all of these fighters possess is remarkable and respectable… whether they are boxers, jiu jitsu artists, kung fu masters, wrestlers, muay thai boxers, etc..  MMA has given the sport of fighting a good name as viewers from all over the world continue to admire these professional athletes every time they are in a ring or a cage.  So let’s get rid of all this talk about boxing being better than MMA or vice versa as they are both completely different sports.  They are both good in their own ways, so just enjoy!

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