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BJ Penn May Move Up To Welterweight For Third Fight Against Georges St Pierre


UFC President Dana White truly feels that BJ Penn is about one fight away from clearing out the lightweight division.  If Penn is able to do his homework right and succeed in his next title defense, he’ll have the chance to re-enter the welterweight division.

So what does all of this mean?  Well according to White, Penn will not automatically fight UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre right away.  However, if Penn is victorious two times within the 170-pound division then that would be good enough to become a no. 1 title contender.

Snip from Dana White:

“There’s a couple of guys out there still, you know I gotta sit down and talk to (Penn) and see what he wants to do, but it’s all about cleaning out divisions and he’s probably one fight away from doing that. If he does that, he could move up to 170 (pounds) again — but I think BJ’s gonna have to earn that. I don’t think he just walks in from 155 and faces Georges St. Pierre. Georges has two wins over him so BJ is going to have to earn that at 170, whether it’s going in and fighting a number one contender, I don’t know yet. He would be in the running to be a contender.”

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