BJ Penn Interview: Disgusted with Steroid-Use

In an exclusive interview by MMA Today, B.J. Penn talks about how MMA is about technique and NOT steroids.

Penn is furious and disgusted in regards to the steroid-use by many of the UFC fighters, including a recent accusation on Sean Sherk–UFC Lightweight Champion.  He goes on to say that many of the fighters know when and how to take steroids in order to cheat off Athletic Commissions.

Many U.S. cities have made the use of illegal drugs and steroids a major issue to look for in fighters before and after fights.  Some fighters have probably sneaked through some of the penalties in the past, but strict tests have been placed in recent events.  Suspensions along with fines are being sanctioned in order to emphasize the importance of MMA laws.

Watch this interview with Penn as he discusses recent issues on steroids and his MMA career:

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