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Anthony Johnson Loses Out On UFC 104 Bonus Opportunity and Chunk of Overall Purse

Anthony Johnson upset

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson failed to make weight last Friday for his UFC 104 fight against Yoshiyuki Yoshida.  Although they both agreed to fight, Johnson was fully aware of the 20% purse cut for being 5 pounds over the weight limit.  Johnson also had the opportunity of obtaining the “knockout of the night” bonus, but he also missed on that due to the same reasons.  He would have pocketed a $60,000 USD bonus for his 41-second knockout win over Yoshida, but it was awarded to Pat Barry instead.

From Anthony Johnson via

“I had a knee injury getting ready for Matt Brown. I got heavy. I wasn’t fat, but I was 220 [pounds]. I did all I could to lose it. I think if I maybe had an extra hour or two I would have been able to lose the extra five pounds — it was coming off. It’s just my fault. I should have started preparing faster and I shouldn’t have let myself get that heavy…. I’m not happy with my performance at all. I’ve got a lot of stuff inside me all balled up. I was hoping I could have released some of it against Yoshida, but I couldn’t. A lot of personal [bullshit] makes it hard to be yourself. I’m trying to overlook that, but it is what it is. I have no choice but to keep moving forward. I can’t let it slow me down even though it keeps trying to slow me down. I won’t let it break me. I ain’t no punk. Nobody can break me but me. I can’t wait for my next fight. I promise you it will be better than this one — and even more brutal.”

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