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Anthony Johnson Guarantees Knock Out Win Over Josh Koscheck At UFC 106

Anthony Johnson talks

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is coming off a devastating knockout win over Yoshiyuki Yoshida at UFC 104.  Due to not making the adequate weight for his fight against Yoshida, Johnson agreed to fight Josh Koscheck at UFC 106 on short notice.  Lesnar was forced off of the UFC 106 main event due to serious illness and an exciting fight was needed in order to hype up this fight card.  The “Ortiz vs. Griffin 2” was moved up from co-main event to the main event and the Johnson vs. Koscheck bout was added as the co-main event.

Johnson is currently riding on a 3-fight winning streak and plans to make it his fourth on November 21st in Las Vegas.  Although he respects Koscheck’s wrestling skills, there is no doubt in Johnson’s mind that he will knock him out.

Snip from Anthony Johnson:

“I’m going to knock him out…no ifs, and or buts about it. Once he feels my first punch he’ll know who he’s fighting. I always connect, it could be my first punch. It could be my third punch, but one of the punches are going to connect and somebody is going to feel it and I guarantee it won’t be me. I always give it my all every fight and get the knockout sooner or later. I’m going to have a even more devastating knockout with this fight then I did in my last fight. I want to continue my knockout streak and just be the best UFC fighter ever. If I have to keep doing that and knockout people to get that title I’ll do it. I got a left fist and a right fist that will knockout anybody, if he wants to test my fist with his face. It will be my pleasure.”

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