Andrei Arlovski could leave the UFC

With only one fight left in his contract, Andrei Arlovski is in danger of leaving the UFC.  We all know that he has won 2 fights in a row with two close wins against Fabricio Werdum and Marcio Cruz, but his performance has been extremely poor even with those wins.  So what does that tell us?

The “pitbull”  came into the UFC in November of 2000 and has been under contract since 2001.  He won 7 times out of 9 before he lost back to back against Tim Sylvia.  Those were the fights we all loved to see and all he did was kick ass every time.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t been too convincing lately and now it’s all up to his upcoming fight (whoever it may be) to prove that he still has it.  The UFC doesn’t want to assign Arlovski with any fight until some sort of new contract is reached.

Arlovski wants a raise and with so many Heavyweight contenders coming into the UFC, do you really think he deserves a good salary?  The competition at this division has increased tremendously and the UFC has been making their share with all of these recent UFC sell-out crowds, sponsors and PPV sales.

What will be next for Arlovski?  We can only wait and see…

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