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Anderson Silva Dodges Tennis Balls As Part of His MMA Training

Silva punches Leben

Anderson “The Spider” Silva is well known for his speed, his skillful fighting techniques and the ability to dodge strikes from his opponents.  We all know he trains hard at the gym just like any fighter, but we also found out that he dodges tennis balls as part of his mixed martial arts training.  Now that’s just a  unique form of sharpening your defensive skills, which explains how great he is with his reflexes.

From Anderson Silva:

“[Tennis balls thrown toward Anderson Silva at a high speed] It also helps. I’ve practiced it for many years and do it with my children, my daughter and the smaller one, João, so they acquire reflexes. It’s a game in which you use your reflexes and it works out many times. Obviously everything that happens is instinct and other things like technique is God gift.”

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