Nick Diaz Says Smoking Marijuana “Could Be The Healthiest Thing Someone Does Out Of Their Day”


Nick Diaz is currently preparing for his main event match against Frank Shamrock on April 11, 2009.  During a conference call, Diaz explains the importance of smoking marijuana and how good it is for the body.  Although he admits that he isn’t a “doctor or scientist”, he believes that getting high is a much healthier lifestyle for any individual.

Snip From Diaz:

“There’s a lot of people everywhere that do a lot of drugs. Everybody, everybody, is on drugs dude. If they’re not, they’re an alcoholic or something. I don’t know if you noticed that or whatever, look around. The thing is, you know, it’s just, it would be a lot healthier for people to think, you know, it could be, shit, this sort of thing could be the healthiest thing someone does out of their day. Let’s take for example a person whose laying in bed, a cancer patient, a fat person, if you will. Someone who doesn’t do shit all day. That muscle contraction, that core strength that kind of happens, that pulls together when you’re maybe smoking weed or whatever, you know, you’re coughing or whatever, and that blood flow that happens at that point in time, you know what I mean? It’s sort of good for you. You know what I mean? I’m not a doctor or a fucking scientist, but I’ve smoked plenty of weed. And, you know, I think in my opinion it’s pretty damn good for you. It could be the healthiest thing someone does out of their day if they’re just going to lay there. You know, the most blood flow and exercise that they get out of the day. They’re going to cough weed, you know, and as far as lungs go or whatever, I’ve never had a problem with them. There’s no chemicals involved. I don’t know if you know this, but cigarettes, you know, when people smoke cigarettes it closes your airwaves, but when you’re smoking marijuana it expands your lungs, you know, you’re breathing pretty good.”


14 Responses to “Nick Diaz Says Smoking Marijuana “Could Be The Healthiest Thing Someone Does Out Of Their Day””
  1. andykattt says:

    What is this guy saying, you know?

  2. haha says: video games slots

    yes I KNOW & WE KNOW; u know?

  3. Agile says: winpalace on mac

    I like smoking weed before I exercise. Helps me keep my mind off the thought of being tired and It makes it a lot funner XD
    I would like nothing more than passing a blunt with nick diaz XD

  4. ….obviously no the most well spoken argument…but it’s not hard to assume the point he’s making. Smoking some herb is a lot better than what most of us do to calm our nerves…there are tons of people on antidepressants, anxiety meds, and all kinds of crazy, super complex molecular chemicals out there…that do all kinds of horrible things to us. They can damage our body, turn us into emotionally absent robots, and I’m sure the effects on are brain are not-so-cool at a chemical level either. Think about what must be going on up there to cause such a dramatic change in personality. I certainly don’t want to sound like “God made pot, so we should smoke it” …..but…’s natural, it’s a comparatively simple and low risk way for us to come home, take the edge of, relax, and enjoy ourselves. Nobody’s saying just smoke pot all day.

    I’ll cheers to that *pass the bowl*

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  5. mixmaster2669 says:

    Nick is right there are so many drugs in daily use that are harmful. While weed is medically shown to reduce stress,relieve pain,nausea and a lot more and Yeah and it gets you High!

  6. ferran says:

    he´s damm right dude!

  7. Kia Princess says:

    =] nick diaz is hooooot. ill share my weed with him when ever

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  8. Paul Martinez says:

    Nick Diaz I will smoke a blunt with you and go for a jog any day play slot machines online real money

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  9. miniginni says:

    yea smoking sum purple haze after gettin it in at the jungle gym is great …relaxes me while i sleep…cuming from yonkers ny, nick diaz im wit u cuz

  10. LHT23 says:

    chillin after a blunt now i fuck with some blunts and i train hard helps me relax and i can get rid of it in 24 hours with a cleanser.

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  11. Clay says:

    LMAO @ “Im not a docter or a fucking scientist, but I’ve smoked a lot of weed”

  12. williammarck says:

    to me, smooking herb is the best enjoyment in life, if God can make it posible that whenever we smoke it will not hurt our health, i will prefere smooking more than having sex…. my people dont let scientist fool you…. only God know the best….. once i bow my head and beg for forgiveness,once i said my prayer everybody back to bussiness.

  13. osiris says:

    i agree nick…

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