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K-1 Dynamite USA: no more REAL main event

May 31, 2007 by  

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Some of us were really looking forward to watching Hong Man Choi (K-1 record is 1-0) who was taken out of the fight card for medical reasons on Saturday night’s K-1 Dynamite USA event.  The 7 foot 2 inch South Korean was supposed to face former professional wrestler Brock Lesnar. 

Lesnar is also fighting for the very first time as an MMA athlete, but he will make his debut this Saturday against Korean Judo specialist Min Soo Kim (record is 2-5-0).  I was really excited when I heard Brock Lesnar was going to face the "Techno Giant".  After seeing his first fight, it gave me the chills, haha.  The dude is a monster!!!  It would have been interesting to watch this fight, but either way…I am still looking forward to watching Lesnar’s MMA moves.  The card still looks pretty good, especially since Kazushi Sakuraba is still facing Royce Gracie. 

You guys HAVE to check Choi in action against Nigerian professional kickboxer Bobby Ologun (K-1 record is 2-1).  Bobby doesn’t look too professional here, but who could blame him.  Stay tuned for Choi’s next matchup…whenever that may be. 
Watch this:

K-1  Bobby Ologun vs Hong-Man Choi
Uploaded by Princenino

Gracie Hunter is fully loaded…

May 1, 2000 was the first time Kazushi Sakuraba (picture on left- faced Royce Gracie in a 15 minute, unlimited round fight, which lasted 90 minutes.  How the hell did they fight for that long?!

Saku kept beating on Royce while Royce had a few submission opportunities.  In the end, since we all know the Gracies will NEVER tap out for their life, Royce Gracie’s team was forced to throw in the towel.  The match showed the great skills these two guys possessed 7 years ago.

Both of these fighters are very well known for their superb ground
skills.  However, Sakuraba has proven to many that his unique and
entertaining acrobatic skills have been sufficient to beat up the
entire Gracie family including Ryan and Renzo Gracie.  Sakuraba (age 37) spent most of his career in Japan with Pride FC, while Royce Gracie (age 40) was known for his skillful submissions in the UFC cage.

Sakuraba is finally cleared by the California state Athletic Commission, so this fight is good to go!  This Saturday, June 2nd, the two veteran fighters will face a second time, but this time, it will be held in California at the K-1 Hero’s Dynamite USA event.

Will Sakuraba continue being considered the “Gracie Hunter” or will Royce do his family a favor by erasing the nickname given to Sakuraba and finish him once and for all??

Sakuraba has always been fun to watch throughout his entire career at Pride.  He always comes out wearing some sort of costume or mask…I wonder what he’ll surprise us with this time.

UFC 71: Fiesta time!

May 30, 2007 by  

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Rampage was pimpin his new championship belt at Club Pure.  Bad quality, but you get the idea:

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UFC 71 Post-fight

May 30, 2007 by  

Rampage is too funny man.  He’s the type of person you would want to run away from as soon as he gives you that "imma beat yo ass down" look.  But when the fight is over, Rampage is all about crackin’ jokes.  The guy has a great sense of humor outside the ring or cage.  Check out the Post-fight for UFC 71.

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UFC 71 Videos

May 30, 2007 by  

You thought I forgot?!  There’s nothing like watching the action most of us experienced all over again.  Here are some of the UFC 71 fights.  Sit back, relax and hit play!

Great fight, but Karo was just too much for Josh:

To me, this first video below was probably the BEST fight of the night.  Houston was dizzy in the first few seconds after a few consecutive punches by Jardine, but all of a sudden he just comes back and destroys Jardine completely.  I can’t stop watching it…Check it out again :


This next video was the full version of the Chuck Liddell vs Rampage fight.  How cool was the stare down!!  Now thats what makes the fight even more interesting.  Everyone has to find some time to just watch this again.  Trust me, it’s worth it:

Din Thomas vs. Jeremy Stephens:

Show me da money!!!

May 30, 2007 by  

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Some of you are probably wondering how much the fighters made in UFC 71. Here is the complete breakdown provided by :

Title Match & Main Event Fighters:

-Chuck Liddell: $500,000 (18th fight in UFC; lost to Rampage)
-Rampage: $225,000 (2nd fight in UFC; defeated Chuck Liddell)

***Chuck could have won an extra 500K, totalling 1Million dollars if he would have won.  Rampage still didn’t even get half of what Chuck made for losing.  Rampage has been wanting that chedda for a while now, so he’s getting a big paycheck IF he beats his next opponent.  But he’s fighting Dan Henderson, so ummmm ::eyes are rolling::   Let’s continue with the next few payouts…

Main Card Fighters:

-Karo Parisyan: $32,000 (9th fight in UFC; defeated Josh Burkman)
-Ivan Salaverry: $17,500 (6th fight in UFC; lost to Terry Martin)
-Terry Martin: $12,000 (4th fight in UFC; defeated Ivan Salaverry)
-Kalib Starnes: $10,000 (3rd fight in UFC; defeated Chris Leben)
-Chris Leben: $10,000 (9th fight in UFC; lost to Kalib Starnes)
-Houston Alexander: $8,000 (1st fight in UFC; defeated Keith Jardine)
-Josh Burkman: $7,000 (6th fight in UFC; lost to Karo Parisyan)
-Keith Jardine: $7,000 (6th fight in UFC; lost to Houston Alexander)

Preliminary Match Fighters:

-Din Thomas: $28,000 (7th fight in UFC; defeated Jeremy Stephens)
-Wilson Gouveia: $16,000 (4th fight in UFC; defeated Carmelo Marrero)
-Thiago Silva: $16,000 (1st fight in UFC; defeated James Irvin)
-Alan Belcher: $14,000 (4th fight in UFC; defeated Sean Salmon)
-James Irvin: $7,000 (5th fight in UFC; lost to Thiago Silva)
-Carmelo Marrero: $5,000 (3rd fight in UFC; lost to Wilson Gouveia)
-Sean Salmon: $3,000 (2nd fight in UFC; lost to Alan Belcher)
-Jeremy Stephens: $3,000 (1st fight in UFC; lost to Din Thomas)

Disclosed Fighter Payroll: $920,500


Welcome to my blog everyone where you will find my thoughts as well as updated news on everything related to mixed martial arts (MMA).

For those of you who don’t know, MMA began to rise with the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) in 1993 where fighters used a variety of techniques on their opponents.  It all started with very few rules and no weight class.  More rules were added toward the late 90’s in order to keep the sport safer, yet fun at the same time.  Anyway, I am not going to go through the history of the sport because this isn’t an MMA history class.

This sport has grown tremendously in the last few years and the fights are just getting better and better everytime.  More and more skillful fighters are demonstrating their abilities on television.  It’s like I can’t wait for the next fights as there is always something good going on.

I wasn’t much of a fan before because I didn’t really understand the whole technique behind judo, brazilian jiu jitsu, muay thai and so many other techniques.  Many people don’t understand the strategy needed when facing an opponent on the ground or standing up.  When these fighters are on the ground, you have to actually observe the strategy they use to either submit or KNOCK their opponent’s ass OUT.  There’s skills behind all of this people!

Sooooo, I am sure you want to know what else is going on out there in the world of fighting so make sure to come through and check out the latest in MMA.

UFC 71: Rampage “whooped that ass”

We had all been waiting for this rematch for 4 years after Quinton Jackson fought a long hard war with Chuck Liddell back in Pride’s ring in 2003.  As soon as Dana White told us that Quinton signed with the UFC, we all knew that this fight was bound to happen.  It was a memorable night on Saturday, May 26th 2007 as Rampage finally settled this once and for all. usa deposit methods for online casinos

I know that some of you are thinking that a third fight could be different, but honestly…Rampage proved that he is a better fighter and let’s just leave it at that.  If Chuck wants to ever get back at Rampage a third time, he would probably have to train his butt off even harder and climb that long ladder again…but I really don’t see this happening.

Everyone talks about how this fight was another one of the many upsets we’ve had this year.  Let me clear this up for some of you…this fight does NOT fit in the category of 2007 MMA upsets!  Chuck lost before and he simply lost again.  Both fighters have improved in their own ways, but at the end of the day…Rampage is our new UFC champ.  Chuck Liddell avenged all of his losses except for one— and Rampage whooped that ASS just like he said he would.

With top fighters signing up to the UFC today and others currently in Pride FC, it will be interesting to see how long Rampage can hold his UFC light heavyweight championship belt.

Incase any of you missed out on this awesome fight, don’t you worry because I always have the hookup…enjoy:

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